Recruitment for 2022

April 2022

2022 has seen another fantastic surge of interest in fencing and both our SENIOR and JUNIOR Beginner's programs are FULL. We will be accepting more beginners in Term 2, 2022 from April 26th. This group however will likely be the last group for the year as we are experiencing a high level of begginers continuing into regular training and this in turn is placing pressure on regular training session space.

While we are always passionate about welcoming more people into fencing we have to restrict numbers to maintain a quality training environment and opportunites for our members, as well as ensure a happy and safe environment for all involved.

If you are considering try fencing with us then I recommend you get in early for a place in term 2. First lesson is FREE to make sure you like the sport and appreciate our club style and environment. 

AFC 1 - D.H. McKenzie, Melbourne

Round 1 of the Australian Fencing Federation's national circuit

A small team of our fencers have just completed the first National tournament for the year, taking advantage of the event being held locally here in Melbourne. Run at the State Fencing Centre on Arden St, North Melbourne, the competition spanned 3 days and included men's and women's individual events in each weapon, including the Veterans age group events (40+).

AFC1LidorpresLidor wins AFC1 D.H. McKenzie veteran womens foil 2019

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 william 2016   Fioretto's U15 and Cadet team at the 2016 national championship achieved fantastic results in both foil and epee. William took the U15 foil champion title in a strong field including an impressive line up from Singapore. Peter was runner up, silver medallist, in the U15 epee showing great form in a strong field as well, and in his first tournament back from nearly 3 months off for injury. 


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National Championship Hat Trick

Congratulations to Lidor Shay on her National Veteran Women's Foil 2021 Championship victory, making 3 Championship titles back to back for the Championship Hat Trick. Despite COVID training interruptions Lidor continues to show increasing skill and improvements as she enthusiastically pursues the National fencing scene. Winning 3 years in a row is no easy feat and our veteran women's competition continues to develop in quality but Lidor's passion for her sport and competitive spirit rise to the occasion each time and in no small part thanks to the support of her team mates and the other Victorian ladies. Congratulations Lidor and good luck in 2022!


A grinning Lidor tops the podium again with the veteran women's foil

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The Fencing Victoria Schools League Championship came to the grand finale at the beginning of August. Fioretto boys and girls have been taking part throughout the series. Most notably in the Jnr Secondary Foil division. This division has been dominated throughout the season by Nathan M, with 4 straight victories, but also closely backed up by training partners Josh and William. The running joke this year has been the consistancy of their podium finishes. 4 times in a row. Nathan 1, Josh 2 and William 3. This set up Nathan in a position where only a disaster could rob him of the title, but true to form the boys battled it out in the last round, and for once the results got varied: William 1, Nathan 2 and Josh 3. Nathan took the Jnr Secondary Foil title for 2015 in confident style. Well done Nathan, and well done boys.

Boys jne sec foil 2015

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