Brook Dunstan

Head Coach

Level 2 Foil/Level 1 Sabre/ Level 1 Epee: Beginner training, All group courses, individual Lessons (by arrangement)

Brook started fencing at Fioretto in 1997. Between 2000 and 2002 he had the opportunity to train and observe coaching methods in France and now regularly catches up with Fioretto's sister club over there, Escrime Ecuilly. He began coaching foil in 2006 before going on to pass his level 1 sabre and epee coaching.

Always seeking new methods and ideas, Brook has an innovative approach to training and has concentrated on developing group training programs within the club. Probably the most significant of these has been our comprehensive junior development program which has been extremely successful to date. His students' results at a national level have earnt him a place in the national High Performance Program coaching team under the national foil coach.


Damon Fowler

Assistant Coach, Level 1 Foil, level 1 epee (in training)

Damon helps to run a variety of group lessons and replaces Brook when necessary. Damon's experience and dedicated nature make him an excellent example of the values we are trying to develop and instil in our students.

Damon is available for individual foil lessons by arrangement.



Assistant Coach, Level 1 Foil

A driven veterans women's fencer in both foil and epee Chris is passionate about fencing and helping new fencers into the sport. An invaluable assistant with our beginner's course every Tuesday she is also now leading our Women's Fencing Group initiative, a program that is her own brain child and is rapidly growing in participation with it's Wednesday morning time slot.


Michelle Goldenberg

Assistant Coach, Level 1 foil

Michelle began fencing with Fioretto Fencing Club at just 7 years old and has fenced ever since. She has extensive competition experience in foil at State and National levels achieving great results and has even spend a summer on the high performance international competition tour in Europe. As a young adult now she balances her new career and fencing. She has coached with our junior programs in the past and currently helps with senior training on Thursday nights. Michelle knows what it takes and is happy to share her experience.