Committee (2018-2019)
President   Brook Dunstan   General direction of club activities and guidance for club members.
Treasurer Lulu Fowler   Financial management including membership fees, club revenue and expenditure and Fencing Victoria fees.
Vice President/ Member Protection Officer   Damon Fowler   To assist the president in managing the club's activities through ensuring that a safe and respectful club environment is maintained.

To oversee the application and regulation of the club's Privacy Policy.

Secretary Joanne Montgommery   This person is responsible for receiving and recording any official information relating to the running of the Club.
Tournaments Officer   Michelle Goldenberg   Responsible for keeping up with tournament news and distributing timetables and organising DT teams for duty.
Fencing Victoria Rep'   Anne Nuguid   Represent club at Fencing Victoria meetings.
Armourer   Chris Hon    Maintenance of club equipment and assisting/training members in the repair and maintenance of personal equipment
Editor   Brook Dunstan   Responsible for the publication of all internal news on a quarterly basis in the club newsletter. Publish news articles to the club website regularly.
Assistant Editor   William Dunstan   Assist the Editor in aspects of the publication of the club newsletter.
Webmaster   Brook Dunstan    In charge of website development and maintenance.
Publicity Officer    Andrew Kalinowski    Club publicity liaison and advertising manager