Club Badge

requirements: full membership of Fioretto FC
Description: This is the club blazon worn by all full members on the shoulder of their non-weapon arm. It is essential to have a club blazon when entering in inter-club competition.  

Basic Proficiency

Average time to acheive: 6 to 12 months training after beginner's course
Requirements: Fencer must demonstrate an understanding of and the ability to execute fundamental techniques, including correct engarde position, and comport themselves within the behaviour and etiquette standards expected of fencers. They must also show familiarity with fencing terminology.

Advanced Proficiency

Average time to acheive: green badge plus 1 to 2 years training
Requirements: Fencer understands and can execute composite actions, offensive and defensive, and change of tempo. They are also capable of presiding intermediate level bouts without hesitation or assistance. Participation in inter-club competitions and a clear understanding of all fencing terminology is also required.

Accomplished Fencer

Average time to acheive: Red badge plus 2 years or more
Requirements: An accomplished fencer understands and can execute advance parries, counter-time and composite actions at fencing speed. They are able to preside accurately over high level bouts using the correct vocabulary and hand signals. The fencer should also be capable of directing warm-up and/or footwork sessions with understanding and purpose. In addition they are required to compete or have competed at a state level, acheiving A-grade results. These fencers demonstrate control of distance and time in their bouts, as well as the ability to read their opponents and apply strategies and/or improvise accordingly.


The Cadets are Fioretto's junior training squad, and as such requires two things: fencers be 14 years old or less and train as part of the Cadet program on Saturdays, on a regular basis. This does not prevent juniors from training at other sessions if they are not interested or can not make these dedicated training sessions.

In addition young fencers must prove themselves in the way they train before they can be given the cadet badge. This means demonstrating a consistantly good attitude towards their training through the following qualities: Enthusiasm, respect for fellow fencers, coaches and the etiquette of fencing, consistant effort in their training and a willingness to work hard at improving their skills. 



Italian for 'shield bearer' (apprentice knights), the Scudieri badge is awarded to cadet age club members who have shown the qualities of a true fencer. Manners, physical and mental and spiritual balance, effort, perseverence and honour, fairness and humility.



Paladin were knights that served and showed unquestionable loyalty to the king. Like the Scudieri, these badges are awarded to senior club members who have shown the qualities of a true fencer. Dedicated to the glory and advancement of Fioretto and the sport of fencing. Manners, physical, mental and spiritual balance, perseverance and honour, fairness and humility.