william 2016   Fioretto's U15 and Cadet team at the 2016 national championship achieved fantastic results in both foil and epee. William took the U15 foil champion title in a strong field including an impressive line up from Singapore. Peter was runner up, silver medallist, in the U15 epee showing great form in a strong field as well, and in his first tournament back from nearly 3 months off for injury. 


 peterPeter receiving his silver medal

Our team of 6 fencers proved a valuable part of the strong Victorian team this year. 5 out of 6 returned with a medal from individuals or teams events. Apart from the skill they displayed, the attitude that Fioretto's fencers demonstrated throughout the tournament was fantastic and in line with the best aspects of sportsmanship. While determined and competitive they were most of all friendly and supportive, and demonstrated respect and maturity in the face of pressure and challenge.


The national championship is larger by far than any State Competition except perhaps a schools league epee competition.

National championships are a major event by their very nature. The strongest fencers from each age group and weapon come together from each state as well as visitors from New Zealand and Asia. This year the challenge was made even more difficult in every category by the appearance of a strong team from Singapore. The impact of this team was felt everywhere, especially during the rankings, and the final results show just how strong the visiting team was. It was into this environment that our kids went and they did us proud. While the Singapore team dominated in the rankings our guys managed to bring it back and turn that around during the eliminations. 


The Victorian U15 boys foilists celebrate Gold and Silver, an outstanding state result

Of our 4 boys and 2 girls taking part, William won the U15 men's foil and Peter came runner up in U15 men's epee, and outstanding result for any club. Strong finishes by the others meant that the Victoria A teams often had a strong Fioretto presence, 3/4 for U15 epee and 2/4 in U15 foil. William and Josh won bronze with the Victoria A foil team, while Peter, Nathan, and William won silver in the Victoria A epee team. Not to be outdone, Cleo made the Victoria A team in U17 women's foil and won a team bronze medal as a result. Fantastic results all round and worthy efforts from everyone.

cadet team

Our boys salute the audience before the start of the teams epee final

Most import in all these events is what was learnt, and in that respect I think the whole team came away with many individual lessons learnt. Most importantly the resilience that it takes to get through such a big event under the pressure of your own expectations and where no bout is easy. It is the kind of environment that really challenges everyone and our guys all had their ups and downs in response, but each of them grew from it and by the end turned out their best fencing.

U15foilpodiumThe fruits of much hard work, William gets his chance to hold the champions trophy