Completing a beginner's course is a pre-requisit for joining the club as a full members if you have never learnt the basic techniques of fencing before. This course provides you with training in the core skills required and prepares you to be able to join in with experienced members in a regular training environment.

Graduates from the beginner's course can become full members of the club (see membership fees) and have access to an Intermediate's training group every Tuesday night, to help them continue to develop their skills and smooth their transition to full club fencing. They are also welcome to participate in any age group appropriate training session.

The Beginner's course runs every Tuesday night from 6pm to 7.00pm.

The course costs $250.00 and includes the following: 10 lessons, a basic club uniform (top, pants, and long socks) and use of club equipment.

Intermediate's Group runs every Tuesday night from 7.00pm to 9.00pm. Intermediate and beginner fencers fresh from the Beginner's Course are encouraged to begin their club life in this group where they will receive regular technical lessons from the head coach to further their understanding of foil fencing and help them obtain a level where they are confident to engage in more advanced training with stronger opponents.