The Fencing Victoria Schools League Championship came to the grand finale at the beginning of August. Fioretto boys and girls have been taking part throughout the series. Most notably in the Jnr Secondary Foil division. This division has been dominated throughout the season by Nathan M, with 4 straight victories, but also closely backed up by training partners Josh and William. The running joke this year has been the consistancy of their podium finishes. 4 times in a row. Nathan 1, Josh 2 and William 3. This set up Nathan in a position where only a disaster could rob him of the title, but true to form the boys battled it out in the last round, and for once the results got varied: William 1, Nathan 2 and Josh 3. Nathan took the Jnr Secondary Foil title for 2015 in confident style. Well done Nathan, and well done boys.

Boys jne sec foil 2015

Young Chloe was not to be out one on the day and put in a great personal performance to win silver in the Primary School Foil division. Meanwhile, in the epee nearly all our boys were abscent for one reason or another. Nathan B was there however, and had a great day of it. Unfortunately he fell foul of Alex E in the quarter final. But it was a good comp for him and he could be very happy with the result.

Jnr Secondary School Foil Champion for 2015, Nathan M