Would you like to fence at Fioretto Fencing Club? First question is - have you ever fenced before?

There are 3 kinds of new fencers:

  1. Experienced fencer returning to the sport, or looking for a new club.
  2. Adults that have never fenced before.
  3. Juniors that have never fenced before.

Which are you? For juniors the best way to answer this question, if you are over the age of 12, is would you rather train with kids or adults? From the ages of 13-14 the answer to the question can vary between individuals. At Fioretto FC kids over the age of 15 train in our general training sessions, including our general beginner's class.

If you have never fenced before you will need to complete a beginner's course before you are eligible to become a full member of the club.