Beginning February 2019 members can pay their fees online using the Fencing Victoria Payment portal.

Fioretto has a flat rate annual membership fee of $330.00 AUD. New fencers joining upon completion of our beginner's course pay a pro rata rate based on the starting term in the year (Term 2, 3 or 4). Membership is conditional on Fencing Victoria affiliation for insurance purposes, and basic Club/School fencer FV affiliation is $32.00AUD for 2020. When paying club membership fees online your basic FV affiliation level will be included as a manditory payment item.

What if I paid my membership to the club another way?

If you have paid the club already you still need to pay at least your  'FV Club/School fencer'. You can do so by using the link below and NOT selecting the club membership and only processing the mandatory Fencing Victoria 'FV Club/School fencer' payment. When doing this please notify the club that you have processed the payment and then we can confirm your membership payment manually, which in turn completes your Fencign Victoria status.

Pay your club fees AND Fencing Victoria affiliation in full click HERE

Please use the contacts page if you would prefer to use an alternative payment method for club fees or experience any difficulties using the system.