Fencing for Women

In a new initiative Fioretto's lady fencing coaches have begun a drive to establish a women's fencing group on Wednesdays during the day. The session is for mothers, professionals with part-time or irregular hours, and women who have retired from the workforce. It aims to provide a safe environment where women can feel comfortable exploring the art of fencing, learn new skills, challenge each other and keep fit in a fun and supportive environment. 


Coach Chris (centre) with some of our women fencers preparing for national veterans competition

Foil coach Chris will run beginner's groups over 10 week periods to prepare new girls with the skills to participate in train with more established ladies. This group will learn how to move like a fencer, how to defend themselves as well as skills and strategies for attacks. The course also provides new fencers with an understanding of the rules of foil fencing and the equipment and etiquette involved.

Beyond the beginners course new ladies will be joined in regular training by some of our experienced women who will help continue their development through advice, mentoring and example.

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flecheSome of our ladies having fun at the club's women's championship, the Susan D'Onofrio Cup