The Susan D'Onofrio Cup

Fioretto Fencing Club's annual Womens Foil Championship


While Susan D'Onofrio never stepped onto the piste she was a dedicated 'fencing widow', a term referring to the devoted spouse of a fencer who gives up much of their married life to their partner's pursuit of fencing. Maestro D'Onofrio dedicated his life to our club, Fioretto, and Susan accepted this and supported him in everything he did for the club and all the family time she missed while he nurtured the club. A lovely strong woman, Susan was well loved by all the club members who had the honour of knowing her. Sadly Susan was taken from us by MND (Motor Neuron Disease) relatively young. In her memory we founded an annual women's club championship for foil under her name. 

SD cup2018SMLadies of all ages taking part in the 2018 Susan D'Onofrio Cup

SD2018top3SM Young Chloe joins Nathalie and Lidor on the podium for the first time. Silver medal this year, where to next?