JD (Jospeh D'Onofrio) Cup Description

The JD Cup is an junior competition that is held in honor of the clubs founder Jospeh D'Onofrio, It consists of two different mixed events an under 13's competition and an under 17's competion.

As an 'in house' competition, the JD Cup is limited to Fioretto juniors only


Honour Roll

Year  Under 13 Foil  Under 17 Foil 
 2016  Luka Khattab  William Dunstan
 2015  Luka Khattab  William Dunstan
 2014  Billy Bastian  William Dunstan
 2013  Nicholas Klimatsakis  William Dunstan
 2012  Nathan Marshall  Michelle Wong
 2011  William Dunstan  Courtney Hobbs
 2010  Nicholas Mezo  Raphael Morris
 2009  Nicholas Mezo  Courtney Hobbs
 2008  Sam Vander-Rees  Etai Krispin