Fioretto Fencing Club Alcohol Policy

This policy aims to provide a basis for the responsible management of alcohol by Fioretto Fencing Club and is seen as fundamental to the aims of the club in the development of talented young people and the promotion of the sport of Fencing.


To ensure these aims are upheld, and that alcohol is managed responsibly by the club and its members, the following requirements will apply.


Alcohol into Facilities and Events

At all events or match venues that are managed directly or hosted by the club the consumption or selling of alcohol shall be prohibited.

Bringing of alcohol into the club facilities is also prohibited. The club will display signs at ground entry gates advising members and visitors of this policy.

Fundraising, Functions and Prizes

A strict priority will be maintained to hold functions that appeal to a wide range of members offering diverse methods of fund raising and social events that are not solely dependent on alcohol or bar sales.


Functions, events or promotions will not be conducted that encourage excessive alcohol consumption as an incentive to attract patrons. Such promotions will include cheap drink promotions, drinking competitions and all-inclusive cover charges.


The club will not promote or provide alcohol or drink vouchers for player awards or prizes for raffles and fundraising activities.

Club Trips

The club will monitor and ensure any club trips, particularly end of season player trips and functions, strictly adhere to responsible behaviour and alcohol consumption in accordance with the principles of this policy and the aims of the club.

Functions with alcohol

The club recognises that social functions are held periodically where alcohol is served or consumed and when doing so the club also accepts the responsibilities and expectations of the community in strictly ensuring adherence to the liquor licensing laws.


Any club functions held where alcohol is served or consumed shall require an assurance from the venue management of compliance with the provisions of the Liquor Control Reform Act 1998. Before a booking is confirmed the club shall ensure the venue operates an appropriate Liquor License which allows the serving of alcohol.


The club shall also ensure the key provisions in accordance with the Act will be strictly adhered to in that:


·         Persons under the age of 18 years are not served or provided alcohol unless accompanied by a parent/ guardian/ spouse and partaking in a meal.

·         Alcohol will not be served to persons who are drunk.

·         Persons under the age of 18 years are not permitted to serve alcohol.

·         Persons who are drunk will not be permitted entry into the club function

·         Persons who are drunk will not be permitted to remain in the club function

Safe Transport

Any club function held where alcohol is served or consumed club officials and bar staff shall encourage members and visitors to make alternate safe transport arrangements if they are considered to exceed .05 blood alcohol concentration. Telephone calls will be made to arrange a taxi or other transport.


In specific cases, where a designated driver has been nominated and that person has accepted the responsibility to drive others home safely, non alcoholic drinks will be provided free of charge by the club.


Any club function held where alcohol is served or consumed, food will be available. Meals will be available when appropriate and at other times substantial snacks will be provided.


All club officials will enforce the alcohol management policy and any non-compliance, particularly in regard to Liquor Control Reform Act will be handled according to the following process;


1.      Explanation of the club policy to the person/people concerned, including identification of the section of policy not being complied with.

2.      Continued non-compliance with the policy should be handled by at least two club officials who will use their discretion as to the action taken, which will include asking the person/ people to leave the club match venue, facilities or function.

Policy Promotion

The club will promote the alcohol management policy regularly by;


·         Publishing a copy of the policy in club newsletters, league programs and printed member/ player information.

·         Displaying a copy of the policy in the club social and/or change rooms.

·         Periodic announcements to members at functions.


The club recognises the importance of educating club members, particularly players in the benefits of responsible alcohol consumption and management and will endeavour to provide information to assist this process.


The club will actively participate in the Australian Drug Foundation Good Sports Accreditation Program with an ongoing priority to maintain Level 0 accreditation.  

Policy Review

To ensure this policy continues to be relevant for club operation and that it reflects both community expectations the policy will be reviewed annually.