Fioretto Fencing Club


Privacy Policy


Collection of your details via the Fioretto Fencing Club Affiliation Form


Fioretto Fencing Club collects this information about you for the purposes of:

  • Providing relevant parties [such as the FV and the AFF] with contact information to enable them to contact you in carrying out their business.
  • Providing relevant information to affiliate you at minimum ‘Club Fencer’ level with the FV.
  • Providing relevant parties [such as the FV and the AFF] with personal information to enable them to establish your eligibility to take part in restricted competitions [e.g. age limited competitions].
  • Providing Fioretto Fencing Club with the ability to contact you in carrying out our functions.


To become a full member of Fioretto Fencing Club, we need your personal contact details as well date of birth. Unless otherwise directed Fioretto FC will use this information to automatically affiliate its members each year with the state sporting authority for fencing, Fencing Victoria (FV). These details are a requirement to allow affiliation at any of the concessional rates (schools, junior and veteran age concessions).  


To affiliate you to Fencing Victoria, we need as a minimum your name [the Fencing Victoria Constitution requires you to be a member of an affiliated club before becoming affiliated to it]. You are not required to provide any other personal information requested on the membership form.


If you do not wish Fioretto Fencing Club to forward your details to Fencing Victoria as part of your basic affiliation, please indicate at the bottom of your membership form. However, be aware that you will not be eligible to compete in events that carry an age restriction, nor will we be able to pass information on to you related to fencing. You will also not be eligible for an FIE licence [since the FIE requires your full name, date of birth and a contact address as the minimum information fields to issue a licence to you]. You may also be rendered ineligible for various competitions or grants that require this information; however, if we do not retain contact information, we will not be in a position to inform you of your ineligibility.


Use and Disclosure


As identified above and on the Fioretto Fencing Club website:

-          Some information is published on the internet and is accessible to anyone with a web browser;

-          Some information is retained by Fioretto Fencing Club to enable us to contact you in carrying out our functions.


We may use or disclose the information provided for additional related purposes that you would reasonably expect. If we do so, we will keep records of whom we provide the information to. For any other purpose, we will only use or disclose the information as provided under the relevant Act.



Data Quality, Security, Access and Correction


You can request to see your personal details and to whom they have been forwarded at any time by contacting us in writing using the details below. We will endeavour to delete information about you if you request us to, as long as we are not required to keep it by other legislation.




You can enquire about our policies on management of personal information at any time by contacting the club at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or in person by talking to our member protection officer (second Vice President).


Unique Identifiers


To efficiently manage the information about you, Fioretto Fencing Club may assign a reference name or number that identifies you. We will not provide these unique identifiers to other organisations except as provided under the Act.




One purpose of collecting this information from you is to enable us to contact you and to check your eligibility status, and to provide your contact details to others that you would reasonably expect who need these details to carry out their business. You can preserve your anonymity by choosing not to have your details published.


Transborder Data Flows


Information kept by Fioretto Fencing Club may be made available to persons outside Victoria. Information you provide that is not for publication will only be provided to recipients outside Victoria as provided under the Act.


Sensitive Information


Additional requirements apply to handling of what the Information Privacy Act 2000 (Victoria) defines as "sensitive information". For this reason, please do not provide information that falls within that category.


For further information or assistance, please contact:

Fioretto Fencing Club, Privacy Officer

Fioretto Hall, F.E. Hunt Reserve,



Correction of Errors


Fioretto Fencing Club is committed to the protection of your privacy. However, human errors can occur. If the information we are holding is incorrect, or you feel we have not complied with our policy, please contact us on the above address. We will respond promptly, and if we have made a mistake, we will rectifying the situation if possible, apologise personally and take all reasonable action to ensure that it does not happen again.